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March 2018



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Dr Who

The Return of The Beast: The Sequel

The Beast is my friend who J named "Best Neighbor Ever™". She is living with her parents in Rochester right now, but she wanted to come down for another visit.

I had lunch with Anne and Marilyn at Wegmans on Wednesday then picked up The Beast and Shiva, her dog. The Beast got her nickname in college. Originally they called her The Beastmaster (after the 1982 movie:"Born with the courage of an eagle, the strength of a black tiger, and the power of a god.") Because she is so good with animals, but they shortened it to just The Beast. She really is very good with animals.

Thursday morning I overslept and missed my appointment with the dietitian, so I had to reschedule it for Friday. But I did pick up my CSA box. I will make a separate post about that.

Thursday night the light bulbs in the kitchen went out. The Beast rigged one of my spot lights so I could still work in the kitchen and at 1am Matthew from downstairs came up and changed the light bulbs for me. He is a very helpful boy. We keep in touch by FB chat so I don't feel bad about leaving a message late at night and he was able to ask if we were still awake before he came up.

Friday I went to my rescheduled appointment with the dietitian and had lunch with B at Applebee's. Then we went to the dog park to let Shiva have a good run. Shiva is a big dog and she really needs to be able to stretch her legs. She had lots of fun at the dog park. Apparently at the Rochester dog parks they check for tags and vaccinations. There is no one checking anything at the Ithaca dog park.

Saturday a lot of cleaning got done. The kitchen is much cleaner. The fridge has been cleaned. We made two trips to the recycling center. I now have a compost bin that I can empty at the recycling center.

The Beast cleaned up the cat boxes and the rugs around and under them. And worked some more on the bathroom. She really wore herself out cleaning.

I enjoyed having her around. We have a lot in common. She reminded me of the first time we went shopping together and we discovered that we both tie our vegetable bags in slip knots so they are easier to open (my dad taught me that trick). This time she discovered that we both arrange our eggs in a checkerboard pattern in the carton so the weight is evenly distributed and the carton doesn't flip out of your hand when you try to take it out of the fridge. I can trust her to clean my house because she thinks like me and understand what things I would value and not want thrown out.

Anyway the apartment is now clean enough that I'm not too embarrassed to have someone over. There is a neighbor in the next house who cleans for a living I'm looking into hiring her to come over for a few hours every month and see what kind of difference she can make. I don't expect her to make the apartment "clean" in just 2 hours. But I think she can make a difference. I can only afford a couple of hours a month not a full service.

Sunday while The Beast was picking up stuff in the living room she suggested that I label the sections of my library so other people can shelve my books. That was a very good idea so I printed out section labels and she taped them to the shelves for me. Not all of the sections got labeled but most of them did. I have an idea for tagging the books that might help.

Sunday night B took me out to dinner at Friendly's. We don't eat at the Heights Friendly's very often. I find it a bit cramped. But the food is fine. I had wanted to take Shiva back to the dog park but we didn't finish dinner until the sun was setting and the the park closes at sunset.

The Beast also didn't want to go out until she had bathed, and bathing is a complicated ritual for her. So we didn't leave for the dog park until 10 pm, way after sunset. But there are people who live in the Marina in houseboats so there were cars in the parking lot and the gates to the dog park aren't locked. So we parked and went in (Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law!). We sat on a bench, and watched the stars, and talked while Shiva ran around to her heart's content. She is amazingly quiet for such a large animal. By midnight clouds had covered the stars and Shiva was getting tired so we went home.

Monday afternoon The Beast had a doctor appointment so I took her home. She was exhausted so Brenden from downstairs helped carry all her stuff down to the car. He was very helpful. When we got to Rochester Joe carried everything into the house for her. Then I came home and slept. And I've been sleeping ever since. I think I will need to sleep some more. I enjoy visitors but they take a lot out of me.


I am glad you got some quality time with The Beast.
The Beast is a wonderful person and I'm glad she was able to help you. What breed is Shiva? Or is she a mutt?

About Shiva

She looks like a pretty classic Husky. The Beast says she has some wolf in her, but people say that about Husky's in general. They have some wolf-like traits that other breeds don't have. The Wikipedia article on Siberian Huskies describes Shiva pretty well.

In terms of how big she is, when I'm sitting down on the couch she can lay her head on my chest so her nose touches my chin, without lifting her front paws off the ground.

She is a big lovey puppy dog with a thick fluffy coat, and jaws that can crack an elk's thigh bone. She did destroy a couple of things I would rather she had not destroyed. But you can't blame an animal for behaving according to its nature. She did have chew toys and I tried to get her out to the dog park for runs as often as I could.

And The Beast was very good about cleaning up after her. That is one thing I don't like about dogs (picking up their poop). Shiva also smelled pretty good. I'm not sure if that is because The Beast takes proper care of her and feeds her a raw food diet, or if her breed just doesn't smell as bad as most dogs. Marilyn's dog, Luna, smells terrible. And Marilyn doesn't brush her enough, so she gets mats in her coat.