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March 2018



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A Very Good Day!

I got a lot accomplished today! Hurrah!

I started off right with a good dose of pain killers and a shower. I took the recycling and the compost to the recycling center. I put gas in the car. I made copies of things that needed be to made copies of. I met Marilyn at the Wegmans parking lot and she took me to my therapist's office (He is just off the Commons and the parking is difficult). She picked me up an hour later and we had dinner at Wegmans and I went grocery shopping. I spent more than I expected but I got a lot of meat for the month. Then I dropped off the "Caution" signs and some bottles for B. Then home. I had a lot of groceries so I'm glad Brenden from downstairs was home to carry things upstairs for me. I am out of spoons for the day.

So, the therapist. I liked his office right away. It has comfy chairs and a couch, and big fake fur pillows. There are lots of colors and textures, and toys! Just what I need for right brain work.

I did just ask him if he was gay. He said he was and I told him that was great because I think I will feel safer with a gay male therapist because of my issues. And he said that was sometimes the case. When I blurted out the question he asked me to repeat it. I don't know if I slurred it because I was nervous, or if he just took a minute to register the question, or if he was surprised that anyone would have to ask since he looked even gayer than he sounded on the phone. But that is out in the open now and we can go forward.

I gave him the treatment plan I had written up and he told me how he usually works (He likes to learn about the client before he starts giving advice. Which seems sensible to me. But he says some people seem to expect answers immediately.) He started by taking a family history. We hadn't finished that when we ran out of time, so more family history next week. I told him I didn't want any homework so he didn't give me any. But I will probably do some research on my relatives before our next appointment so I can answer all his questions. He wants four generations of birth dates, occupations, death dates, and cause of death. I'm lucky if I can remember some of these people's names.


I'm glad everything went OK.

The bottles look beautiful, and the colors are good for color-coding (shape-coding won't work, since they are all the same shape). The only potential problem is that they are tall, tall narrow 750ml wine bottles. While they do fit under my counters as-is, I'm not sure if they will fit as well once the pour-spouts are put in -- wait, I can check... Yes, with a few millimeters to spare. I'll have to make sure I tip the bottle towards me then pull it out, rather than trying to lift it out.

I will see you on Friday lunch?
I'm glad the bottles will work out. I thought you were gong to use them out.

I would love to join you for lunch on Friday. I will pick you up at work as usual.
Did I say under my counters? I meant under my cabinets, on my counters. Sorry. I am going to keep them out.

Are they clean? Should I wash the insides before putting foodstuffs in them? I know I need to soak them to remove the labels, but that's all outsides.
They have been kicking around my apartment for a while I would wash them inside and out.

I wasn't sure if you were going to remove the labels. It's probably better to remove them than to let them stay. You don't want people to mistake the soy sauce for wine.
I'm glad the appointment went well and that this guy seems like someone you could be comfortable around.
Thank you. Yes, he does feel like a good fit.