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March 2018



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Fairly Productive Day.

I had lunch with B and wasn't late.

After lunch I had my hair cut. A SuperCuts just opened, and they sent me a coupon in the mail. Since I have been complaining for months that I need a haircut I figured I might as well have a professional do it. She was very nice and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Then I picked up my meds and a couple of odds and ends at Wegmans.

Then home to get cooking. I sort of over committed myself on the cooking. Marilyn came by. I made a jar of "Instant Russian Tea" so Marilyn and I could try it out. It tastes good hot or cold.

Then I got the beans cooking for the chilli while I washed the dishes.

This totally wiped me out so I took a break and we watched an episode of "Warehouse 13".

Then Marilyn left and I made the chili. It's simmering now. I'm glad I got use most of the bell peppers, and some of the garlic from my CSA boxes.

I still need to make a batch of Tabbouleh, Zucchini Bread, Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ rice, Cornbread (for the chilli), Rhubarb pie, eggs pickled in beets, and roasted green beans.

I hope I get the Tabbouleh done tonight, but the rest is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I still need to finish washing the dishes.

I just had a snack of Cotton Candy Grapes. They are seedless green grapes that taste like cotton candy.

Edit: The chilli is packed away. and the Tabbouleh has been made. I am out for the night.
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