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March 2018



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Ups and Downs in Productivity

Saturday, I got nothing done. I think I had to recover from Friday. I also spent a lot of Sunday recovering. Then today I actually did some stuff.

Things are being moved from one place to another. This is an improvement over things not being moved at all. But still not as as good as things being where they are supposed to be.

When the Beast was here I asked her to find my camera since she was the last one to touch it. She walked into my living room and found it in a few seconds and handed it to me. I put it in something, I don't remember what, But I remember thinking that it was a bad idea when I did it. And I haven't been able to find it since. I know I was in the kitchen but I have searched the kitchen several times and I still can't figure out where I put it. Only this time I have only myself to blame.

I need to catalog more books. I need to shelve more books. I had this great idea to cut apart one of my old shelving print outs and use the strips to tag the books with where they should go. I need to build a shelf. I have one in a box that I keep tripping over but I haven't assembled it yet.

I need to read some of these books. It would be nice if I had a reading group I could meet with where we discussed books we were reading instead of all having to read the same book. Because all reading the same book is just not working for me anymore. But I need to read the books I have.

I need to find my Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign notes. I just volunteered to teach a workshop next month and Now I can't find my notes. I know where they were supposed to be and I remember getting them out to show them to Marilyn but Now I can't find them. They should be here in the living room somewhere. They aren't in the bag of paperwork that the Beast collected when she was picking up the living room, so maybe they are in the pile next to the stereo shelves, but to get there I need to catalog and shelve all the books that in the way.

I also need to take out some garbage or at least ask the nice downstairs neighbors to take out my garbage. That will improve things. I can do that first thing tomorrow. If I wake up.


You will wake up.

I'd offer my Strapping Young Man, but he's in school now. (HIGH SCHOOL!!! *flails about*) You would have to fetch on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday afternoon.

Re: You will wake up.

And so I did. But not until 1 in the afternoon.

I did get some cataloging done today.

I haven't done much about my family tree and I wanted to have that for my therapist tomorrow. Oh well, that is why I don't like home work.