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March 2018



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Make Magic

A Beet Day

I'm cooking beets today. The CSA has been giving me beets for weeks. Luckily they keep well, as most root vegetables do. It's the leafy greens that I have to worry about composting in the fridge before I can use them.

So, I set aside the biggest ones for beet and chickpea salad. I'm going to shred them in the food processor this time. Hand shredding raw beets is a pain.

The medium sized one are simmering on the stove. I'm going to peel them afterward and then pickle them with some hard boiled eggs.

The smallest beets I peeled and am roasting now. There were a few yellows, some candy cane striped, and a bunch of reds. Very pretty.

I would show you a picture but I lost my camera again. It's my fault this time. The Beast found my camera last time she was here and handed it to me. I remember sitting in the kitchen, she handed me the camera, and I put it in a container. I remember thinking when I did that that it really should not be in that container, but it was somewhere I would come across it again in the normal course of the day. I have now looked through every container in the kitchen repeatedly and I just can't find it. This is so frustrating. It has to be around here somewhere!

EDIT: Just for the record: If you boil beets you can skin them easily with just your hands (no knives needed). Beets are not improved by roasting. I remember Cooks Illustrated tested beet sugar against cane sugar and found that beet sugar became bitter when caramelized. Maybe that is why my roasted beets tasted a little bitter.

So in conclusion: boil your beets in their skins.

And I now have almost a gallon of beet and chickpea salad. Anyone want some?


I'm not a big fan of beets themselves, but beet greens are yummy.
I like beet greens well enough in moderation. But I really love beets.

*jumps up and down waving hands*

Me me me!!

Re: *jumps up and down waving hands*

Well, I should be coming down either this weekend or early next week so I'll bring you some.

People should be arriving for the family reunion on Saturday.