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March 2018



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Handling Stress Amamzingly Well.

I woke up today deciding that I would have to start dropping some of my tasks. Then I found my compass and got things done anyway. Just giving up made things easier.

Monday B and I spent 2 hours prepping the blanks for the Hex Signs and Triptychs. It took both of us. I sat at the table and applied Gesso with a little foam roller and he put down the blanks and took away the finished one. I had wanted to do 2 coats but after 2 hours I decided that one coat was enough.

But I have finished drawing the handouts for the Celtic Knotwork class! Now I just have to write up my notes for the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign class. And I need to make copies of the Knotwork handouts and pick up boxes to organizes things.

I still have to take things down to the car. I really haven't started to do that yet. I only have tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday to do laundry and pack. Friday I have to just get in my car and go.

I have cooked most of the veggies from last weeks CSA box. I roasted the Delicata squash and the Asian Eggplants. Not together, separately. They were both delicious.

I made minestrone with the Dino Kale. It is quite good. Kale holds up well to minestrone. I might do that more often in the future instead of spinach.

All the beets have been boiled and pickled. I finished the peach colored beets this evening. I pickled them separately so they don't turn dark red.

I'm going to try to make Saag Paneer tomorrow.

I feel stressed. But I also feel like I'm handling the stress better than I have in the past. I'm dropping some things but I'm also getting a lot done.


Congrats! I'm glad you are coping well. :-)