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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

The Holidays are upon us.

I spent Thanksgiving with the Seversons. I drove down Wednesday, in the storm. There were lots of plows out and I drove slowly and carefully so I had no problems. Song brined the turkey, and Aunt Luooo cooked a spiral ham, mashed potatoes, and some stuffing. That was very nice. I made brownies.

Song snagged the ham bone for stock and I cooked up some black beans with it. I didn't really want black bean soup so I tried to simmer off the liquid which resulted in a very rich and creamy bean dish, almost like baked beans. Song has some split red lentils as well so I made khichdi. I also helped IDK make a two layer chocolate cake with pink icing. The Cuteness and I made buttermilk cinnamon scones. And I made two kinds of jello: raspberry and coffee.

Saturday I got to have dinner with Gina, David, and the boys. It was nice to see them.

Now I'm sleeping and recovering. I think I picked up a bug, my nose is running and my throat is scratchy. I have lots of Instant Russian Tea as a hot liquid. And I'm cooking my turkey. I plan on packing up the meat and using the bones for stock. So, turkey soup is in my future. It's just as good as chicken soup for colds. And I'm well stocked with NyQuil and DayQuil.


You're not the only one, dear

I've been feeling that cold feeling in my chest since yesterday. Sadly, I cannot sleep it away as you do, so I'm drinking my various forms of cold care tea and the khichdi/bean mix continues to be very good, with just enough spice to warm me up.