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March 2018



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Acid Reflux?

I had a strange thing happen last night. I was eating dinner with Marilyn, I had made Khichdi, when suddenly I felt a burning sensation at the back of my mouth that tasted like stomach acid. I didn't feel full, or sick, and there was no reverse peristalsis. It was just as if my throat had filled up with stomach acid. Luckily, J used to have acid reflux and left a couple of bottles of tums in the medicine cabinet. I had to chew about four of the tablets to get rid of the burning sensation and the taste.

I didn't eat anything for the rest of the evening and have been very careful all day because I'm not sure what brought this on. I don't think anything exactly like this has happened to me before. I've always had a cast iron stomach.

Marilyn came over again this evening and I fried up some of the left over khichdi in patties for dinner. I didn't have any repeat of the problem this evening so it wasn't the khichdi (which was very mild anyway). I think it might have been the Arctic Grape MiO Fit with electrolytes. Arctic Grape is the only one of the blue MiO Fits that I like. I was drinking it all weekend with no problems. But I was also cooking and sweating in a hot kitchen all weekend. It may have backed up on me because I didn't really need the electrolytes yesterday after I got home. I have switched over to Emergen-C just in case.

I feel like this is preparing me for the gastric bypass surgery. After surgery I will probably have a lot more problems with food backing up on me if I'm not careful.


If it happens rarely, then it could be heartburn. OTC Prilosec controls my acid reflux, thank goodness. Good luck with the bypass surgery!
I've had plain old heartburn before. Which just feels like a burning sensation in my chest. This was weird because it was more like the taste and feel after I've thrown up. But I didn't throw up, I didn't feel like throwing up, and there wasn't any reverse peristalsis. I could taste the acid at the back of my throat. It burned a little but only at the back of my throat not in my chest, which is why I didn't call it heartburn.