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October 2018



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Bariatric Intake Meeting.

I had my Bariatric surgery intake meeting today. It was more stressful than I was expecting.

I have been going to dietary counseling for months because my insurance said I had to have 6 months of dietary counseling before surgery. I asked them if these meetings met the requirement and we have been sending monthly reports for 7 months. Now she tells me I may have to do the 6 months over again because the meetings with the dietitian might not count. The six consecutive months have to be "Physician supervised" weight loss diet. There is no weight loss goal. (I asked repeatedly if there was a weight loss goal and was told repeatedly there was not.) But I do have to weigh less after six months than I weighed when I started. So there is that. I have an appointment tomorrow for a 2 hour diet and nutrition class in Sayre. And they gave me a new food log that they will tell me how to fill out tomorrow.

I January I have to have an Upper GI endoscopy in Sayre. They will have to sedate me and I will need a ride to and from. I can not drive that day. (My friend Pat has said she will drive me and supervise me until I'm safe to be left alone.) I feel anxious about this already. I'm so glad they are going to sedate me.

Also in January I have to attend their support meeting, have a follow up with their dietitian, meet with their psychiatrist, and meet with their physical therapist. I have some paperwork to fill out and mail in before the meeting with the psychiatrist.

I still need to schedule another sleep study. And get a letter from my PCP recommending me for surgery. Oh and when I asked my PCP to give me Tramadol because I can't take Aleve anymore she put me on Celebrex instead. It turns out I can't take Celebrex either. So I need to talk to her about that again. Maybe.

Another frustrating thing is: she tried to talk me out of the Roux-en-Y in favor of a gastric sleeve. If I get the gastric sleeve I can have Aleve. I don't want the gastric sleeve I want the Roux-en-Y! I'm going to tell the surgeon that I want the Roux-en-Y unless he absolutely refuses to do it. The Roux-en-Y is a bit more complicated and will be more difficult because of my weight and my hernia mesh. The Roux-en-Y includes some rearranging of the intestines that the gastric sleeve does not. But I still want the Roux-en-Y. The Roux-en-Y is more effective.

Well. It's not too bad. I will muddle through.

Edit: I didn't feel too bad today. I wasn't wishing I was dead. But I did start crying twice for no really good reason. And I felt very stressed. So I took one of my diazepam. I hope that takes care of it. I haven't taken a diazpam in a while.



I broke down at work today over a one minute encounter that happened SATURDAY. Sick little girls + boring alphabetizing = Crying Queenie. One of my coworkers kindly suggested I ask my doctor about upping my Zoloft while I'm at the WI.