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September 2018



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pirate baby


Where does the time go!

B is walking with limp and lacking transportation so I'm driving him to and from his work today and tomorrow. That means getting up and out of the house earlier than I'm used to. But I did have a job at one time I know I can get up in the morning. My health care providers want me to sleep at night (instead of during the day) anyway.

After I dropped him off I did my laundry at the laundromat. I usually do my laundry at Song's home. (Actually she has been doing most of the putting it in and out of the machines lately. I just sort and fold.) The woman at the laundromat, Lisa, was very nice to me. She engaged me in conversation and picked things up for me when I dropped them. Everyone who came in seemed to know her name and she seemed to know them. There was one women who came in who reminded me of my friend Penny, she had the same long hair and slight build. Penny is a cheerful and pleasant person so I felt an instant affinity for this woman. An affinity that was not returned, she did not have Penny's sunny disposition. There was also a police officer who came in to drop off some clothing for cleaning. He was he was quite jocular and seemed to be good friends with Lisa. She gave him a handful of candy canes to share with his fellow officers.

Unfortunately, the standing and lifting involved in doing my laundry seems to have stressed my lower back and legs. I need to talk to my doctor about my pain medications. I need a non-NSAID pain reliever. I can't take more Tylenol because it can kill my liver. And the Celebrex is an NSAID. I'm not really worried about becoming addicted to a pain reliever. I'm not prone to addiction, none of the pain relievers they have given me have done anything for me but relieve the pain. And how much longer am I going to live anyway.

I gave Bella, the little girl downstairs, a pink ruffle scarf I had made from Sashay ribbon. Her first response was "What is it". Her mother explained to her what it was and told her to thank me, which she dutifully did. It totally cracked me up. I had hoped she would like it. But little kids are so honest I didn't take offense. She is a delightful child and very obedient and courteous for her age.

Her brother Brenden returned my phone to me. I haven't been able to find my phone for the past couple of days. I didn't know where it had gotten too and I assumed it would show up somewhere. Apparently I dropped it outside in the driveway. I'm just glad the snow has been melting or I wouldn't have seen it again till spring.