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October 2018



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pirate baby

Things People Didn't Tell Me About The Endoscopy.

That I would have a sore throat was to be expected. They shoved a bunch of things down my throat. And the sore spot under my jaw was probably caused by someone poking me during the procedure. I've had similar pains after dental surgery. Pressure you couldn't feel under sedation turn into bruises afterward.

But now I have a cough that is producing a lot of phlegm. That might be the cough that is going around. Song hasn't been well, IDK was coughing all week, and Pat said she felt like she was coming down with something too. But it might have something to do with throat irritation or sedation.

And my abdominal muscles feel as if I have been doing crunches. It hurts every time I cough. That was probably caused by them inflating my stomach. My umbilical hernia surgery was laparoscopic and involved filling my abdomen with air but I was expecting pain in the abdominal area for that one. No one said anything about abdominal muscle pain for this procedure. But it is just muscle pain. So I'm not worried about it.

Another thing no one mentioned was how tired I would be after the procedure. They said I shouldn't drive or try to operate a microwave. They didn't tell me I would be too tired to even read. Even thinking about reading a book made me feel tired. It took me about 24 hours to feel awake again.

I'm very grateful Pat insisted I stay with her so she could look after me.


I am glad you have good people in your life.
I'm glad you are one of the good people in my life.
Definitely rest and feel better!

Why can't you use a microwave?
Thank you.

I asked. The nurse said they are afraid I will burn down my house. She said she once double cooked a bag of popcorn and her microwave caught on fire.

I blew out two microwaves overcooking things and I didn't have the excuse of recovering from a procedure! Only one resulted in fire, though.