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March 2018



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Next Hoop Cleared, Although It Was A Close One.

I had a mandatory support meeting this evening in Sayre at 6pm. I took a nap at noon and woke up at 4:45. It is an hour drive to Sayre, and it took me until 5:20 to get out of Ithaca. Luckily Sayre is a straight shot down Rt34 and there are lots of signs to the Guthrie Campus. I was only 10 minutes late for the meeting and missed the official presentation. But was in time for the Q&A and the socializing, which are important parts of the meeting. One hour drive there, one hour meeting, one hour drive back. I need to get in touch with the local support meeting.

I got to exchange contact info with a woman celebrating her 2 year anniversary since her surgery. Of the post-op people there she seemed the most communicative, which is what I look for in someone I want advice from. And I had a nice chat with the exercise specialist I will be seeing formally on the 26th. My surgeon was also there.

There was a raffle to reward people for showing up. I don't usually win things. I won a set of measuring cups and spoons. I can always use more measuring cups. The post-op woman said she has lots of measuring devices because she measures everything every time. So that's a good sign. I need to start getting into the habit of measuring everything. I've made a few steps in that direction already. I just need to make a habit of it.


You do need more measuring devices... and books... and cats.
...and my axe! Um, wait, wrong cue...

...and space to put measuring devices, books, and cats.
ha ha
(I am rolling my eyes at you)
I have a friend Lori who has gone through surgery. I think she had stapling done, but I'm not sure. She's on my friends list as "Chocolori" I believe. She's on facebook too. Want me to put her in touch with you? Or do you think that wouldn't matter one way or another?