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March 2018



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Marilyn Has Returned From Greece

Saturday morning at 8:30am Marilyn called me from New Jersey to say she was arriving at the Ithaca airport in two hours and could I pick her up. She had been held over a night and her scheduled ride was no longer available. Since I live practically next door to the airport this was no problem for me.

When I picked her up she didn't want to go home. She was used to being around people and didn't want to be alone. So she came over to my place for a cup of tea... and some food...and we watched some TV. Then it was 3 in the afternoon and we were both tired so we both took naps. My nap lasted till 9pm at which point it was a bit late to take her home we watched some more TV and she spent the night. I slept late this morning and we didn't leave till 3:30pm. We picked up her dog, Luna, and I took them both home. She wanted to take Callie too but as soon as I brought out the carrier Callie disappeared. Marilyn will come by tomorrow and we will try to catch Callie again.

I like Marilyn, and her long stay was partly my fault but I had hoped to have more alone time this weekend. Ah well, the best laid plans and all that.

Tomorrow evening I should be back to two cats, which is probably for the best even though I have enjoyed having Callie here. Ninshurbur and Daisy will be glad when she is gone. They do not like her. Although her presence has united them against a common enemy. I actually caught them both sleeping on my bed at the same time the other day!

Speaking of my bed. My bedside table broke again. One of the legs has a weak spot that has given out before. I have glued the break and it should be able to return to its duties tonight. But all my bedside stuff has been on the floor the last couple of nights. It will be good to have that sorted out.
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