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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

Dinner at Tamarind

B took me out to dinner at Tamarind this evening. I have been looking at their menu because I want Anne and Marilyn to go next month for our monthly lunch, and there are so many things I want to try.

We started with the Roti (appetizer) "3 piece Roti served with curry". This was four half rounds of fried flat bread served with a small bowl of peanut curry sauce. The flat bread comes apart in thin sheets like filo but chewy instead of crispy. It was not like anything else I have had. It was very good. The curry sauce was thin which was a bit odd for dipping the chewy flat bread in. But the waitress let me keep it in case I wanted to put it on anything else.

B ordered the Tom Yum Spicy and Sour Soup for us to share. He ordered it with mock chicken. Mock chicken is not on the menu but they had it. It is a thin spicy soup with chunks of onion and mushrooms. The mock chicken did not taste like chicken or any other meat. It tasted like marinated seitan, which I don't have a problem with. There was enough for three cups of soup.

My entree was Yen Ta Fo: Shrimp, squid, fish balls and tofu with rice noodles accented with spicy red sauce. This was similar to the seafood Pho I have had elsewhere, but with broad rice noodles. I love broad rice noodles but I had a lot of trouble getting these to my mouth. They slipped off the chop sticks, the spoon, and the fork. The soup had two kinds of fish cake and fresh spinach leaves. I liked the broth but the squid tasted a little fishy. I added B's rice and the left over peanut curry sauce from the appetizer. There was so much I couldn't finish it. I brought home a quart of it.

B's entree was Eggplant Long Song Deep-fried tofu and eggplant battered with flour and topped with peanut sauce. Served with rice. It came on a bed of spinach leaves. They have brown rice if you ask for it. B said the eggplant was well cooked.

For dessert we tried two of the desserts. Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Custard, and Tapioca Black Bean Pudding. The sweet sticky rice is exactly that, with two dollops of firm egg custard on top. The Tapioca Black Bean Pudding was very small tapioca balls mixed with sweet black beans and topped with a small amount of warm sweet coconut milk. Both were served warm. They still have the Taro Balls in Warm Sweet Coconut Milk that B and I ordered on our previous visit. (Now that I think about it we might have ordered the Tapioca Black Bean Pudding previously. In which case I really need to try the taro balls.) None of these are on the online order menu.

On Friday I asked B to make a carrying case for my food scale. When I picked him up for dinner he had made a prototype. It needs to be finished and glued but it is exactly the right size. Laser cutters are so cool. I was thinking of gluing it this evening but I need to finish it first.