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October 2018



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Things are getting back to normal.

Callie has gone home to Marilyn. The new toaster oven and microwave Gina and David bought me have arrived and been set up. I have been sleeping a lot and feel much more calm.

I have been doing origami. I picked up a book of origami patterns that range from simple to complicated and I'm working my way through it. I plan on sending the book and a complete set of finished figures to Forrest for his birthday. I may do one of the other books of simple patterns I bought a while ago as well. We shall see.

I did my laundry at the laundromat in Community Corners. Last time I went there the sole employee, Lisa, was very nice to me, so I made sure to go back when she was there. We had a nice little chat about classic movies while she folded clothes. I also talked with other customers. One nice young lady volunteers at Loaves and Fishes downtown. It sounds like the same sort of service organization my sister Gaby works for (Bread of Life in Malden MA I'm very proud of the good work Gaby does), free meals for anyone who wants one. We talked about clean water issues and housing for the homeless. I also got some reading done.

I really need to sew some new shirts. I basically wear the same four or five shirts every time I have to leave the house (I have different shirts I wear when I don't leave the house). I have fabric I just have to sew it. I should probably buy some new underwear soon too. I'm doing OK on socks. I bought some great fuzzy socks for $.99/pair before Yule.

And I want to start crocheting again. I talked to a woman at Sew Green about selling my crochet pieces in their store, I just don't have any to sell. And there is that rag doll project I was talking about so much last month. I have everything I need to get started I just need to do it.