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March 2018



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Bariatric Update

So, when I had my appointment with the dietitian on Thursday I asked for clarification on what they see the time line being.

She told me my surgeon wants me to lose "a lot" of weight. Not any specific amount but a "significant" amount. She also told me that I have to be able to walk before they will do surgery because when I get out of surgery they want me on my feet and walking as soon as possible so I don't develop blood clots and die.

I decided to pursue this surgery because my mobility problems got to be too overwhelming and I was hoping surgery would help with that. Now after almost a year they tell me that I have to achieve my two goals (weight loss and mobility) before they will do the surgery. If I thought I could do either without surgery I wouldn't have asked for surgery.

This is very discouraging.

On the upside she referred me to their non-surgical weight loss specialist. Since I will probably have to do the whole six month diet thing again that is OK with me. At the very least this means another six months from now before they will even consider surgery.

At this point if I can lose a lot of weight, get back into exercising, and be more mobile I don't see much point in having surgery. I don't understand why anyone has surgery if they are able to lose the weight on a diet.

Anyway I have a fasting blood draw tomorrow, a mammogram on Thursday, and an overnight sleep study on Monday.

I need to do laundry. But I also have a lunch date and a therapy appointment tomorrow.



Good luck with the nonsurgical diet! :-)
That IS very discouraging. What stupid hoops!

I love you.