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January 2019



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Very Busy Day

I started off the day with a fasting blood draw. Which wasn't so bad. I felt good and got there in plenty of time. I was concerned because I have two blood draw orders in, one for Guthrie in Sayre and one for my regular PCP in Ithaca. My PCP didn't want her's until next month. I mentioned it to the nurse and she double checked to make sure she was filling the correct order.

Then I had breakfast, got the oil changed in the car, and did my laundry. Putting the laundry in the machine, putting in the detergent, and filling the coin slots (it takes 12 quarters) takes a little time. By the time I had finished I was in pain from my knees to my lower back. Luckily I got to sit for 45 min before I had to move things over. The dryer is easier, it doesn't need liquid and it only takes 4 quarters. Then when the dryer is finished I can sit and fold. But I knew I was going to pay for that standing.

Then I went to Wegmans to check on some prescriptions. Then lunch with Anne and Marilyn. We had the Roti appetizer, Golden Noodles with chicken and bok choy, sliced beef with Bulgogi sauce and onions served with rice, sliced duck with bok choy served with rice, Taro Balls with coconut milk, Tapioca with black beans, and finally coconut custard cups.

It was all very mild and very good. I liked the taro balls, I had never had that before. They were chewy little lavender cubes in warm coconut milk.

After lunch I dropped by Autumn Leaves to buy another copy of Origami Zoo. I got talking to a woman in the store and convinced her to buy a copy too. It is the best beginner's origami book I have ever seen. The patterns are simple, the illustrations are large and clear, and each instruction is explained in words as well as pictures. And it comes with 60 sheets of origami paper.

Then it was time for therapy. I've been going a little early so I can drive around the block and find an open parking meter. Today Sew Green had bins of free scrap cloth out on the sidewalk. (My therapist's office is above their store, up a flight of stairs.) I snagged a bundle of scraps that should work out well for rag dolls.

After therapy I went back to Wegmans to pick up my pills and some fruit. When I got back to my car and tried to stand up off the electric cart my back, hips, and knees screamed so loud I had to sit right down. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'm going to be in even more pain. And I will have to stand up for the mammogram. This is not going to be fun. But at least I will be wearing clean clothes.
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