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October 2018



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Imbolc and Sleep Study

I had a nice visit with RBD for Imbolc. It was a small group this year but mostly people I knew. It was nice to see Rosalee again, I have been keeping up with her on FB and feel like I know her. And Mowgli brought a new person, Janise, who is cute as a button and twice as nice.

I left on Sunday, with lots of warnings to get home before the snow storm hit. I saw little snow and the roads were clear until I got to Ithaca. Then there was a little bit of snow on the ground and the roads were slippery.

Unfortunately I left my wallet at RBD's so I am without: my primary phone, my calendar, my checkbook, or any money. It's a good thing I filled up my gas tank on my way down. Or maybe a bad thing, if I had needed to stop for gas before I left Liberty I would have gone back for my wallet.

Last night I was scheduled for a sleep study. I was worried that it might be cancelled because of the snow, or worse that it wouldn't be cancelled but I would be unable to get my car out of the snow and would miss it. So I called them (using my back up phone). It is a good thing I did call because my appointment was two hours earlier than I remembered. It turned out there wasn't much snow on my car, the driveway had been plowed, and I had no trouble getting there almost on time.

They have a nice little office. The bedroom was nicer than some motels I have stayed in. The attendant was very nice, he was cheerful and explained everything to me. Unfortunately I hardly slept at all. We will see if I slept enough, or if I have to come in again.

Anyway, that is why I'm awake at this time in the morning. They kicked me out of the sleep study at 6am.


Yes, they tend to kick you out early, sleepy or not. I am getting one done next month to make sure I have the right settings and maybe get a new machine.
Rob got a diagnostic machine, he didn't even have to stay in the clinic. They gave him a machine that had a memory stick kind of thing, and he had to sleep with it for 3 days? 5 days? And it recorded I guess air pressure so it could see how he was breathing. Then he brought them the memory stick and they were able to reprogram the CPAP without him sleeping at the clinic.
My current machine has a little memory card that they can take out and read if they want to. And I once did a home study where they attached a device that automatically called in my info from my Bi-PAP. But that can't get the kind of data they got last night. I had wires all over my body. They were monitoring brain waves, eye twitches, jaw clenching, leg twitches, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. (I have done a home blood oxygen level sleep test before as well.) I had to wash all the goop out of my hair before I left, because of the wires all over my scalp.

The technician said they have new home machines that monitor your breathing and automatically change the pressure as you need it. I might get one of those.
I need to do a sleep study soon. Not looking forward to trying to sleep with the wires and the oxygen monitor and all. I hope they were able to get enough data for you.
They had a really nice Tempur-Pedic bed with adjustable head and foot, and adjustable massage.

But I just couldn't sleep no matter what I did. :(