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October 2018



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cat helmet

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

It was 5°F when I went out this evening. With a RealFeel® -29°F.

People have been complaining about the snow and the cold ever since winter started this season. I haven't even been wearing a jacket when I go out. It has been cold, but that is what happens in winter. It has snowed but that happens in winter too. I've seen worse of both.

But this evening when I went out without a jacket or gloves my fingers hurt from the cold before I got to my car. Luckily I keep a sweater and isotoner gloves in my car. And my car has a heater. I really understood how someone could easily die from the cold in this sort of weather.

I'm glad to have a warm home to come back to. I have food, and shelter, and warmth. I am blessed.

In other news. When I came out of my therapy appointment Wednesday I couldn't get the driver side door of my car open. Several older gentlemen tried to help me, but none of us could open the door. We were hampered by the fact that I was parked next to a snow drift. But I was not able to get the door open when I got home either. So I had resigned myself to getting in and out through the passenger side door until I could get the car to a garage, which was waiting on my getting my wallet back from Barb. The wallet came in the mail today. And I went grocery shopping. When I got back to the car from shopping I forgot the door didn't work and I opened it. I think it was just frozen shut with snow from the snowbank. Anyway, that is one less problem. Unless it won't open again tomorrow. But I will just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

I'm considering buying galoshes. I have to wade through icy puddles to get to and from my therapist. Maybe I'll just tie plastic bags over my feet.

I have bought a new hat. It's a garden hat with a wide brim. I really like it. I'm working on decorating it. it has a wire in the brim so I can shape it however I want and it stays.

This is how I think I look in my new hat.

This is how I actually look

Or this, if I flip up the front so I can see.

I look a bit like Napoléon that way. Or an Lady Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin). I could totally cos-play Lady Sybil.


Once the hat is trimmed out you will look lovely. The Napoleon angle is also cute.