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January 2019



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I Have The Boy

The Boy doesn't have school this week because of Regents exams (or something) so he is staying with me. Which means Redbox movies all week.

Tonight's movies are "Divergent" and "Transformers: Age of Extinction". I have read the entire "Divergent series so I'm curious how the movie will go. I think I have seen the previous Transformers movies. I also think it doesn't matter much if I have.

With the boy here using my laptop I hope to get more crafts done and get some trash taken out. Since we have to return movies every day I will have to leave the house every day. Which means at least one chance a day to take out garbage or recyclables. My recyclables tend to get out of hand. With the boy here I just have to bag things up and he can take them out.

I also hope to try out some new recipes for my small toaster oven. All the toaster oven cookbooks on Amazon are for 6-slice toaster ovens and feed 4 people. Most of the complaints were that people wanted recipes for 4-slice ovens that would feed 1-2 people. I'm going to see if I cut down some of my recipes and I bought some "kids' cookbooks" that I hope will give me ideas for recipes The Cuteness can make by herself. I plan on using The Boy as test subject.

Tonight's dinner will be bagel pizzas. The Boy knows how to make them himself. And he likes his pizzas thick crust with just cheese. I like thin crust with pepperoni so I will be using whole wheat flour tortillas for mine.

BTW: We did get a lot of snow last night. But it is dry snow and there is a lot of wind. The windshield of my car was blasted clean by the wind. Driving between Ithaca and Binghamton was slow and slippery because of drifting snow on the roads. But the plows and sanders were out and the roads were mostly clear. Whoever shoveled my front steps did a fine job they were scraped clean and salted.


Give my regards to The Boy. Let's hear it for The Boy; let's give The Boy a hand.