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January 2019



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Lunch, "Boxtrolls", and "Earth to Echo"

I had lunch with B this afternoon and drove him around so he could try to shop for new pants and get a haircut for a job interview. Some people would consider that being a very good friend. I consider it being a friend. If you aren't willing to help a friend out you aren't really a friend. I've never understood people who don't get that. B has always been a good friend to me. I hope that I am a good friend to him.

The movies tonight were "Boxtrolls" and "Earth to Echo". The Boy proclaimed both of them lame but he watched them.

I had heard nothing but good things about "Boxtrolls". It was original and clever. It was also comfortably predictable once the characters were in place. I had misunderstood the plot from the trailer. I thought the Boxtrolls had aspirations to respectability, but it was the villain, Mr Snatcher, who was the social climber. The Boxtrolls were innocent and mostly harmless. Mr Trout and Mr Pickles, the henchmen, were excellent as the comic henchmen constantly philosophizing about their role in the story. Eggs was a classic hero, and Winnie is great as the fiery redheaded brat who's not (really) afraid of anything.

There is a great extra of Mr Trout and Mr Pickles discussing the possibility that they are mere puppets in the hands of giants, while we see the animators manipulating them in fast forward.

The second movie was "Earth to Echo". I would describe this as a cross between "E.T." and "Super 8". All three movies are about kids helping an alien get home. What "Earth to Echo" and "Super 8" also have in common is the parts that are shot by the kids. "Earth to Echo" is entirely in "found footage" shot by one of the kids with several digital cameras. If you don't like that "Blair Witch", "Cloverfield", feel you might not like it.

Both of these movies have a female character who feel a bit tacked on. I was going to say that Winnie in Boxtrolls is more intrinsic to the plot than Emma is to "Earth to Echo" although at least Emma doesn't need to get rescued. Winnie needs to get rescued repeatedly. "Lucy" was the only movie this week that passes the Bechdel test, and just barely because Lucy's roommate has a name, Caroline, and Lucy tells her to take care of her liver.

That is really sad.