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January 2019



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Car Accident

Well, that was exciting. I'm mostly unscathed. The Boy was not with me so he is entirely unscathed.

I was driving down Rt 13 South, right were it bends and starts heading down, when I lost control of the car and it hit the inside guardrail, or rather it hit the snowbank covering the inside guardrail. I'm pretty sure the back of the car went up over the guardrail. I was pointing up hill at one point and when I came to a stop I was pointing mostly down hill.

It was a pretty exciting couple of minutes.

The airbags didn't go off. Which is a bit of a relief. I hear they cost a fortune to reinstall.

Several people stopped their cars to ask me if I was OK. Surprisingly I mostly am, OK. My ankle hurts, but I can walk on it. (B says I probably won't be able to walk on it tomorrow) And I have a small scrape on my right knee. Before I got out of the car I noticed that the ashtray in the dashboard between the front seats had broken off. That is probably how I scraped my knee, or my ankle. The 911 operator asked if I wanted an ambulance and I said no. I don't have any serious injuries and ambulances are expensive. Even though I would not pay for it (because I don't have any money) I still didn't want to waste other people's time and work when there wasn't any good reason. The police officer asked me again before he left, if I wanted medical attention. And I told him no. The police were very nice and gave me a copy of the report, or something. It doesn't say much. It might just be a form telling me where I can get a copy of the report. It says I have to report accidents involving injury, or more than a certain amount of property damage, to the DMV or get a fine. No other vehicles were involved so that is OK. I guess I will have to see what Hunt's says about the damages.

One of the men who stopped said he saw my tire blow before I hit the rail. My left front tire is flat so that is probably what happened. I was just driving down the road when suddenly everything started spinning. It all happened very fast. I'm amazed at how little I was hurt. Modern cars are very safe. And I know my mother bought this Buick because it is very safe.

My car was embedded in the snow bank around a blind curve so I called 911 and asked them to send someone to direct traffic so no cars coming around the bend would hit me. They did.

I called a couple of tow truck companies and they told me I would have to wait an hour to an hour and a half. The police said that was not acceptable to them. They couldn't have me blocking traffic that long on a highway. So they called the towing company and the tow truck showed up right away and took me down to Hunt's. (The poor driver didn't even get to finish his lunch.)

I had been on my way to have lunch with B and Jen. They picked me up at Hunt's and brought me home. Jen also graciously agreed to take The Boy to and from his Magic tournament, he has been looking forward to this all week. I'm glad I made him bathe this morning before I left. Jen hardly knows me so she has been really generous with her time and car for me. I'm very impressed. I hope we become good friends.

I expect more bruises and muscle aches to appear by tomorrow. I'm really only now getting out of shock. I'm amazingly good in an emergency. I'm one of those people who doesn't start breaking down until everything is over and I feel safe.

I think this is the worst accident I have every been in. *knock on wood* Sliding off the road last year on the way to the Annual Meeting was a bit stressful because I had two kids in the car, I was far from home or friends, and the cell phones didn't work. But it happened slowly and the car wasn't damaged, just stuck. This time was fast and violent. But I was on my home ground, my cell phone worked, and I had friends nearby I knew I could count on. The cars zooming by were a hazard, but they were also a comfort. Other human beings could see that I was in distress and would make sure I was taken care of.

I really have an amazing amount of faith in strangers. I believe that most people want to be good. And in my experience if you give them a chance they will prove it. Like the men who tried to help me get to my car when I got out of my therapy appointment downtown, and the men who stopped to make sure I was Ok today. We are part of a community and we look out for each other. It is an amazing way to live. People are the best investment you can make.

Of course, family and friends are part of that. I'm lucky my mother is able to help me. I used her credit card to pay the tow truck. I'll send her the receipt and the insurance will reimburse her. But that credit card up front helps. And Jen was a life saver, giving me a ride home. Having a network of social support really makes a difference in your life. It is so important. Without my mom and Jen this would have been much more of an ordeal than it was.
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Yikes! Lay in bed and rest up!

Insurance won't replace/reinstall airbags

My side airbag went off when Ex SLB turned in front of a car. That was a new 2013 Nissan with less then 10K miles on it. It was totaled. When I asked the rep about it, he said it was mostly a safety issue. Replacing airbags gives the car a bad rep. No one would buy a car knowing it had been in an accident. Cheaper for the insurance to write it off as a total loss.

Re: Insurance won't replace/reinstall airbags

I was expecting this car to be written off. But the tow truck guy thought it just needs a new tire, a brake cable, and fuel line.

Hunt's can't look at until early next week, so I will have to wait and see.

That is optimistic of the tow truck guy

I'm glad you're okay. We will have a lovely lunch at Spicy Asian when I pick up The Boy. Cuteness will be with us.
I am glad you are okay. Accidents are scary, and it could have been so much worse.
Thank you. Yes, it could have been worse.
Glad you're ok! *hugs*
So glad that you are okay! Please be extra kind to yourself and do whatever it is that you find most relaxing. Even though you weren't seriously hurt, you have experienced trauma and that can be rough afterwards. Healing (((hugs))).
Thank You.
I am just grateful for your safety, love.