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March 2018



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Jubilee! Ama-gi!

The Boy has returned to his mother!

I like The Boy and I enjoy having him here. But I like having my home back too. There is a certain irony in my freedom being his return to work. School resumes tomorrow.

Song took us to lunch at Spicy Asian. They don't open till noon on Sunday. We were there early and watched them open shop.

The owner gave us a plate of sweet fried rice cakes to celebrate Chinese New Year. I love that I go there enough that they know me and give me little treats. I ordered the ribs with black bean sauce and the rice cakes with vegetables.

Song mentioned that I am expensive sometimes. Which is true. I am feeling needy. It is the end of the month and I don't have a car. I want other people to take care of me. Luckily for me Song is doing OK and I wasn't an undue burden on her.

I teased the kids about how *awful* it is that their mother is *forcing* them to go to Disney World and they are going to *have to* miss school. Children really have no sense of humor. And I become more like my father every year.

Since Song was here with her car, and The Boy was here in my apartment, I had The Boy carry down one of my Z Z Plants to give to Song. It is a huge plant, about three feet (one meter) tall. I had intended to give it to Song when I re-potted it last year, or the year before. But it is so big I couldn't carry it down to the car by myself.

"Jubilee deals largely with land, property, and property rights. According to Leviticus, slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest."

"Ama-gi is a Sumerian word (also ama-ar-gi) meaning, literally translated, "return to the mother," and used to refer to "The restoration of persons and property to their original status" including the remission of debts. Assyriologist Samuel Noah Kramer has identified it as the first known written reference to the concept of freedom."


I am fortunate to have two coins to rub together. I tend to value people on who they are, not how much is in their bank account. You are very valuable, Bright Lady.

You helped to give me five days of solitude.

That is worth a Spicy Asian lunch. I like being able to treat you. I also like Spicy Asian and want to try more of their food. And their bubble tea. I wanted a second one but I was too full.