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March 2018



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New Car

Mom bought me a sky blue 2003 Toyota Camry.

This morning I emailed a copy of my driver's license to the salesman, confirmed the insurance transfer with the insurance company, and told the rental agency I wanted to return the rental to their Vestal office.

After my usual Friday lunch with B I drove down to Vestal and returned the rental at the Enterprise office there. Mom picked me up and helped transfer all the stuff from my old car to her car. Then we drove to the Gualt Toyota dealership in Endicott. We picked up our salesman and had to drive to a different lot, where we waited inside a nice showroom while he ran around getting all the paperwork and putting the plates on the car.

He really took care of a lot of things for us. The insurance is taken care of. We didn't have to go to the DMV. The new inspection is done. I had to sign a lot of paperwork authorizing him to do these things for me. But it was much nicer than having to do them myself. I remember having to go to the DMV with mom last time and changing the plates in the snow. This time I just signed a lot of paperwork. Mom wrote a check. We moved all my stuff from her car to mine and we drove away. Mom said she would drive over to the DMV to turn in the plates from the old car.

I still have to send the title for the old car to the insurance company before they will cut a check for that. I got a special envelope from them today with a list of what they needed and return envelope for them.

Since I was in the area I tried to drop in and visit Song. She wasn't home from work and her driveway had too much snow in it for me to feel comfortable pulling in or walking into the house. I called The Boy on his cell phone and he came out to talk to me. He is turning into a real person. I gave him the Bechdel book I have been reading to loan to his mother. I think she will like it (for certain very narrow definitions of "like"). I found it illuminating. I know that there are aspects she will not relate too. But there were aspects I didn't relate as well. We are all different.

Then I came home and went to bed. I felt exhausted! Intellectually it doesn't seem like I did much. I just drove down to Vestal and sat around for an hour then drove back. My mom did a lot more of the moving things from one car to another. But still the whole process was exhausting.

But the car seems nice. It's smaller than any of the cars I've had before. It's a bit snug. I really need to lose some weight. It doesn't have as many extras as the Park Ave but it will get me around. It has a skylight! I've never has a skylight before.


Yay for having a car!
Toyotas are excellent cars. Routine maintenance will keep them going for decades.

I am amused about your observations about The Boy. I've always thought of him as a real person, but I see what you mean. He is slowly becoming an adult. Just now he brought my purse up and respectfully asked for his allowance. Two years ago he would have helped himself to every spare coin I had. He even asked if he should set some aside for the Vacation. I took a portion and thanked him for his foresight. I also informed him that if he hadn't brought it up, I wouldn't have asked. I can't keep hounding him to save money. He has to learn this for himself. He growled and muttered "need to find that money" as he left to buy Pokemon cards. I might have to move our vacation stuff to a new hiding place. He can be very determined.
I loved my Camry even though I drove it into the ground. It was a very nice car.
That is good to know.