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March 2018



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Still Alive

So the trip to Ithaca and back on Tuesday was uneventful. The cats were fine. They didn't seem particularly hungry or thirsty.

I got home later than I had planned so I had to rush dinner. Luckily everything was ready by the time the Roberts got here. Pat brought gingerbread and fruit salad for dessert. It was delicious. I've been eating corned beef sandwiches with Swiss cheese and cabbage since then.

Wednesday I felt very tired and sore. I made Coq au Vin and Ratatouille for dinner. The chicken too forever to cook and and dinner was an hour late. Things kept falling over. The light over the dinner table went out and dad wouldn't eat until it was fixed. Unfortunately the shade rests directly on the bulb and neither of us could get the new bulb to screw on while balancing the weight of the ornate plastic shade. I sat down and started eating because I was tired and irritable. But dad wouldn't sit down. If he couldn't fix the light he wanted candles to eat by. After I had something to eat it occurred to me that it would be easier to screw in the light bulb if we moved the table. So I get dad to move off the rug and pushed the table aside. Then I put in the new light bulb so dad would sit down and eat.

After dinner I had to clean up and refill our pill cases before I could go to bed. I was still very irritable and cranky. I finally went to bed at 10pm. But I felt miserable.

I slept a lot more today. I'm glad Cindy and John are bringing dinner over tonight. I need the break.

I really do this to myself. I could plan a lot fewer things and not stress myself out as much. But really I'm not sure it would help. The first couple of dinners were very simple but I still worried about them. Any time other people are depending on me I worry. That is why I hate making promises.


Hugs! Although the light was an irritation, the dinner sounds like it was yummy.
Thanks. I do make a kick ass Coq au Vin and Ratatouille. I couldn't find Thyme or Chervil in my mom's spice cabinet but she had a jar of "Herbs de Provence", which contained lavender of all things. I don't usually put lavender in my food, but it worked.

The light shouldn't have been as irritating as it was. I was having a very bad day and everything was was irritating me. So dad insisting that he couldn't sit down and eat until the light was fixed was just... more than I could take at the time. If I hadn't been so tired and sore and grumpy I would have changed the light bulb in good cheer. I'd blame it on low blood sugar but it didn't get better after dinner.