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March 2018



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Busy Busy!

So, The Cuteness arrived last night. We went grocery shopping. When we got home Brenden helped up carry things upstairs. Which was very helpful because we had a lot of stuff.

I made her Mac & Cheese for dinner and we watched Lalaloopsies on the computer. I made sure she took her new medicine and her pill. Unfortunately the bag with her medicine in it had been left in the trunk of the car so I had to go down for it, The Cuteness could have opened the trunk but she couldn't close it. I packed a bag of recyclables to take down so as to not waste the trip. And we stayed up until I went to bed, which was earlier than I usually do.

At about 5 in the morning I thought I heard her calling me so I got up to check on her. She was sound asleep. But I checked to make sure she was breathing just in case.

This morning she had cereal for breakfast, and i made sure she had her new medicine. I watched "The Tempest" staring Helen Mirren (It was fantastic!). I had hoped The Cuteness would find it interesting but I don't think she could understand it. I wouldn't have chosen that movie for her to watch but I had to watch it so I could return it and get "My Neighbor Totoro", she will enjoy that movie a lot more. After a lunch of cheese and salami on Martin's whole wheat bread I washed dishes. She wanted me to make play dough for her. But I had to get to the recycling center before it closed at 3:30. We took down another bag of recycling and a bag of garbage. I dropped off "The Tempest" at the post office. We dropped off the recycling. Then got gas and came home. By that time I was getting grumpy. So I took a nap. When I woke up I made the Cornstarch dough for her. It was my first time with this recipe. It came out a bit lumpy. We cut out shapes and they are drying now. I think I will try another batch tomorrow,

We had green beans and chicken for dinner. I had to make hers with no seasoning. Mine had my Yankee Dry Rub.

I looked up ways to color eggs with vegetables. We are going to try that.

Tomorrow I have Physical therapy appointment in the morning and emotional therapy in the afternoon. Marilynn says she will come over to sit with The Cuteness while I'm out. I also plan on going grocery shopping again for the ingredients for the eggs.


She does love dough

I'm glad you're holding up well and you're having fun. Hopefully she won't talk your or Marilyn's ears off.