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October 2018



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Cuteness Update

Wednesday went well. We had purchased a pork roast at Wegmans so I put it in the toaster before I left for therapy and it was done after I got back. The Cuteness went across the hall to play with the neighbor boy. He is not home during the day. I think he comes home with his mother at 5pm. They sent The Cuteness home at 7:30.

Thursday we made 6 chocolate chip cookies in the toaster oven with the cooking tools I got her for her birthday. And we had dinner at Spicy Asian. When we got back she went across the hall to play with the neighbor boy again until 7:30.

Friday we had lunch with B and J at Denny's then I took her to the Science Center. She loved the Science Center and played until they closed at 5pm. When we got home she went across the hall again.

This morning we made 6 cupcakes. When we were getting ready to leave for the Science Center again we couldn't find her shoes. It finally occurred to me that she might have left them across the hall. Luckily it was a Saturday and they were home. The mother thanked me for letting the Cuteness come over and play. So, I'm assured that she is welcome there. We were at the Science Center from 2 to 5. The Cuteness really enjoys it.

When we got home we made icing for the cupcakes and she took 4 of them across the hall. I can hear laughter from over there so they are having fun.

I have enjoyed having The Cuteness over. But I'm glad she is going home tomorrow. I'm very tired and I have physical therapy on Monday Morning. I will be in the pool. I'm glad I found a usable bathing suit. I have PT out of the pool on Thursday so I'm glad I have new shoes for that. I have a lot of appointments next week. I will be very busy.

BTW, I have been trying to make friends with the local crows by throwing out peanuts to them. But none of them have come down while I was there. This morning I threw out some bread that had gone moldy and a crow came down and took some. It is progress! I'm happy!