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March 2018



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I've been busy

I returned The Cuteness to her mother on Sunday. But I forgot to return her car seat so I had to drive back down on Tuesday. Ah well, I had dinner with them and did my laundry so it was not too bad.

Monday was my first day at the new Physical therapy in the pool. I have a nice bathing suit, left over from when I was swimming before, and my crocs, and a new towel so I am all set for swimming. I love being in the water. Tomorrow I have physical therapy out of the water.

Today I drove to Sayre to see my Psychologist and the fitness expert. That went well. better than I expected really. Dr L approved of my therapists plan to work on my "constructs" for self soothing and protection and got me to commit to recording my protein, carb, and calorie numbers for the next 20 days. I have been logging my food but not quantities. In return Dr L promised that someone will actually give me feedback about my log. And I had a nice chat with Gavin about my physical therapy, he approves.

Then I had lunch with Anne, then a doctor visit to get x-rays of my ankle (nothing visibly wrong, she recommended physical therapy). Then my psychotherapist, who has recommended that I do Buddhist style meditation for 30 minutes a day. It's not a bad idea. I should probably have been doing it anyway.

I had lunch with Anne at Istanbul Turkish Kitchen.

I ordered the Turkish coffee because where else can you get authentic Turkish coffee. It came in a tiny ceramic cup with a gold holder, cover, and saucer. It was beautiful.

The lunch special is Kirmizi Mercibek Corbasi (Mediterranean Red Lentil Soup)
and choice of Kabab. We also ordered the Soguk Meze Tabagi (also called Karisik meze) a mixed appetizer platter with cacik, soslu patlican, sarma, kisir, and beyaz peynir.

We didn't get the Cacik (Turkish yogurt with fresh parsley, cucumber and garlic)
or the Beyaz Paynir: Full Butter Turkish Feta served with fresh tomato. (Although we did get the fresh tomato.)

We did get the:
Soslu patlican: lightly fried eggplant and zucchini with pepper paste and fresh parsley
Zeytinyagli Sarma: grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, and herbs.
Kisir: medium spicy bulgur salad with thin chopped fresh vegetables
Piyaz: Turkish white bean salad with spices
Patlican Ezmesi: Smoked eggplant puree with fresh garlic and evoo
and lavash bread (flat bread) to eat it with.

All the appetizers were delicious. And it was a substantial plate. Would make a good vegetarian entree.

I ordered the Yogurtlu Kuzu Kabab, marinated and grilled cubes of lamb served over lavash bread and topped with homemade Turkish pepper paste sauce with a compliment of garlic yogurt. It was several large cubes of grilled lamb on top of a couple of rolls of flat bread that had been cut into strips, and covered with a mild tomato sauce, with a side of garlic yogurt and a wedge of Turkish feta. I cut the lamb into smaller pieces and tired to wrap it in the sauce covered flat bread with some of the yogurt and feta. It tasted great but was a bit of a mess to eat.

Anne ordered the Beyti Kabab, lamb and beef wrapped with lavash bread and topped with tomato parsley sauce and served with garlic yogurt and a wedge of feta. It looked like to burritos in tomato sauce. She was able to use her knife and fork to cut it into pieces and eat it. She said it was delicious.

We had the baklava and cold rice pudding for dessert. The rice pudding was OK but the baklava was better


I hope your work with the therapist and swimming helps.

The Turkish meal sounds delightful. The Valley had a Turkish restaurant for about a microsecond. I ate there once before it went out of business. Oh, well.
Restaurants tend to come and go even around here. It's that kind of business. This one is still kind of new. Ithaca does have a lot of really good restaurants for such a small town.