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January 2019



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Sci-Fi Book Club

This is the fourth month I have tried to go to the Sci-Fi book club meeting. The first month I tried to go the book was "Burning Chrome" which I had already read, but I just wasn't up to leaving the house that evening. The second time I tried the book was "The Man in the High Castle" which I hadn't finished. That time I got dressed and ready to go but still wasn't up to leaving the house that evening. Last month the book was "The Best of All Possible Worlds" which I had read and I did get to the meeting, but I was late. This month the book was "lock In", I read it, and I was on time! I had a lot of fun with the discussion. Some people had the same problems with the book that I did. Jenn was unhappy about the gender ambiguity, although I'm not really sure why. I think she unsatisfied that it wasn't developed. There didn't seem to be any reason for it. Other people were unhappy that the race and disability issues were not discussed more. Generally people seemed to feel that not enough was done with any of the ideas raised. B thought it was a great book because it raised so many ideas.

I hadn't realized that B had been in the Ithaca Generator Science Fiction Book Club since 2012.

One of the things that the club does every month is decide what to read next. Trying to come up with books to suggest to the group I have gotten into a bit of a loop. When I go through my list of sci-fi books I want to read I find that many of them are books the group has already read, because B suggested them to me, because he read them for book club. Which means I have some catching up to do. I wish I had joined sooner.

I love that in this group, when I say "have you read..." there is usually someone who has read it. When I brought up "Written on the Body" because the narrator's gender is never revealed despite some graphic sex scenes, another person in the group actually knew the name of the author. And a couple of people had read "Kiln People" a book about a world where it is easy to make disposable duplicates of one's self to send on errands.


I am glad you had a good time at the book club. I enjoyed "Kiln People" myself. I need to read more. It's not like I have nothing to read....