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October 2018



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Emergencies and other doctor visits

Last Thursday my friend Marilyn came by because she couldn't decide if she should go to the emergency room or go to the doctor's office. I pointed out to her that doctors don't take walk-ins. They would just send her to the ER. So we went to the ER. She has pain in her left calf and hasn't been able to sleep because of it.

We spent five hours in the ER. They took x-rays and sonograms to make sure she didn't have a broken bone or a blood clot. Then they decided it was neuritis (inflammation of the nerves). They gave her pain relievers, muscle relaxers, and inflammation reducers. The pain reducers made her a little loopy so she slept on my couch instead of going home. I had to get up every four hours to give her another pill.

At noon on Friday I kicked her out so she could fill her prescriptions and take care of her pets. And I could have my usual lunch with B and Jenn.

Saturday Marilyn came back to get me to write instructions for all her pills. She can't see the labels well enough to read them so I had to write instructions in large black marker on sheets of paper.

Sunday I rested.

Today I had pool-therapy then a stress test. I love the pool. The stress test was unpleasant, but that was to be expected. They were very nice to me and Anne drove me there and back home so I wouldn't endanger myself or others. The medicines for the stress test made my mouth very dry. And between that and the pool work out I was tired so I went to bed for 5 hours.

I have psycho-therapy on Wednesday, dry land physical-therapy on Thursday, and Sayre on next Tuesday. I have a lot of appointments. I hate having a lot of appointments.


You're a good friend. I'm glad they sorted out what Marilyn needed. And I'm glad you enforced your boundaries so you had your time with friends and on your own. :-)
Thank you.

I think that it is important to be there when your friends need you. But by Friday afternoon, she really didn't need me anymore.