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October 2018



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Yet another health update

My back has been spasming. I don't think it is the arm exercises from PT since it doesn't happen when I repeat those motions, it happens whenever I bend my torso even a little bit in any direction. Maybe it is caused by my heavy gym bag. Or maybe I just pulled a muscle in my back. I talked to my physical therapist about it today and she told me to talk to my PCP about a muscle relaxer. I would think a physical therapist would have some therapy for a muscle spasm. But oh well. I just saw something on the internet that said that pot was good for muscle spasms. Theoretically I might be able to get a prescription for pot! I doubt it, but I'm amused by the idea. My right ankle doesn't hurt as much as it did, so that is good. Only a couple more weeks of PT. My insurance only pays for 12 days.

The results of the stress test were good. I'm healthy enough to exercise.

Tuesday afternoon I was very tired, and I think I had a fever, and I was sore all over. I was so tired and so sore I couldn't even stand up to go to the bathroom. Well, eventually I did but standing up hurt, a lot. Luckily the fever and soreness had passed by Wednesday morning. But my stomach hurts and I don't have much of an apatite. Song would be surprised to hear that, since she bought me lunch on Wednesday. But that lunch was pretty much the only meal I had in 24 hours. The rest of the time I just ate yogurt and grapes. Now it is Thursday night and I've had yogurt, a tuna sandwich, cottage cheese, and apple sauce since lunch yesterday. My stomach still hurts, but I really should eat. I want fresh fruit. My food stamps drop at midnight I shall go shopping tomorrow.