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January 2019



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Project Update

I just need to make a list so I don't feel overwhelmed.

I have been reading a lot this year. Which I don't usually consider a project. But I think it is good for me.

I have several writing projects in progress: I'm always updating the family cookbook. But now I'm also writing a toaster oven cookbook for The Cuteness so she can make food for herself. I am also working on a series of Wicca books and my "last lecture" book.

In sewing I have collected enough materials to start making rag dolls based on the Lala-Oopsies Ballerina Princesses, and the Lalaloopsy Ponies. I also have cloth set aside for shirts.

In other Fiber arts I need to get to back to crocheting. I might actually be able to sell some of my crocheted creatures. I have also collected materials to make a Shambles (as if my apartment weren't a shambles already, lol)

It's bird nesting season. I need to find so old yarn scraps to put out for the birds to build nests out of. My project to get the crows to like me has not been fruitful so far.

I have been wanting to make shadow boxes, but have never made one. But I just saw these delightful "Instant comfort pocket boxes" I think I could make something small like that. Using Altoids tins so they don't get crushed in your pocket.

I also still have some scrapbooking projects in the works. Marilyn said she would give me some scrapbook covers she isn't going to use. I've got all this origami stuff sitting around. I had intended to give some of it to Forrest for his birthday.

And I owe some people some triptychs. Nightfall even paid me for his so I really need to make it. And I want to paint my deity wheel of the year Hex sign/mandala.

On top of that I just discovered this polymer clay artist, Aniko Kolesnikova (mandarinduck). She does Youtube tutorials my mandarin ducky! And she has an Etsy shop My Mandarin Ducky. I have some polymer clay around here if it hasn't gone bad from age.

That reminds me I had some ideas for some painted rock art.

Reading Challenge, 50 books
Sci-Fi book club

Writing Projects:
Family cookbook update
Toaster oven cookbook
Braided Wheel Primary Grammar
Last Lecture

Sewing Projects:
Lala-Oopsies Ballerina Princesses
Lalaloopsy Ponies

Fiber Arts:
Crocheted Yarn Creatures
Shambles (knotwork, beads, and found objects) (seeds and stones)
yarn for birds

Shadow Boxes:
pocket comfort boxes (altoids tins)
Heart shadow boxes
Lined boxes (see polymer clay)

Origami Book project
Gift for Forrest

Triptych for NightFall
Triptych for K
Deity Wheel Hex
Painted stones

Polymer clay:
Box Decorations
Animal eyes