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October 2018



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Health Week!

It is really cold today, for May. It is literally 50F (that is 10C). I had goose bumps on my arms this morning, and I haven't seen goose bumps for years.


Tuesday was my monthly check in with the Bariatric Doctor in Sayre. I had gained a few pounds. But not all that I had lost and some of the new weight was muscle, probably from the physical therapy. The special machine they have down there tells them how much of my body is muscle, how much is fat, how much is intracellular water, and how much is extracellular water so there is no guessing.

So Dr. W asked when I was going to start going to the gym and I said I would drop by on my way home and take care of the membership. I'm pretty good at those sort of easy short term limited promises. I started my gym membership on my way home from Sayre on Tuesday. And scheduled my free one hour meeting with a trainer for Thursday. I kept that appointment. I even brought my swimsuit with me so I could swim after the meeting. But Julie gave me such a workout that I didn't feel up to swimming. But I went back Friday and spent two hours in the pool. I just happened to hit a physical therapy session in the pool and did my whole PT session with them. Then spent another hour just bopping around the pool. I love the pool.

I've been sleeping a lot this weekend. But I need to really pick up the apartment. And I need to go back to the gym tomorrow.


What gym did you join?
Island Health & Fitness
I had been a member there before. I love their heated pools, with stairs as well as ladders so I can easily get in and out.
Cayuga Medical does their physical therapy at Island Health and Fitness so my PT also got me back into going to that gym, as I intended it to. And a note from my physical therapist gave me a discount on my gym membership.