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March 2018



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I was asked to be on the steering committee for the New York State Pagan Assembly. I'm really honored and excited.

I feel really pumped today I feel like I can really get things done.

I finished making tabards for the quarters over the weekend. That is one project I can cross off of my list.

I finally sent in my membership applications for the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and The American Sociological Association . I have been meaning to do that for years.

And I sent in my pattern order to Fasion Patterns by Coni. and my free trim request to Wrights.

It is a dark and dreary day But I feel like I can accomplish something.


NY State Pagan Assembly

Just wondered if the steering commitee has talked anymore about the training for the facilitators. I have been asked to be a facilitator and the list has been dead for awhile now.
Glad you are getting stuff done...I need some motivation myself...

yucky day

Re: NY State Pagan Assembly

I haven't seen anything since they said that it was going to happen.

Isn't it at Gail's house and led by Gail? If that is the case I don't see what more needs to be done aside from showing up on the date. Is there something else you would like to know, see, do?

Re: NY State Pagan Assembly

No I dont think so...I was under the impression that they were bringing someone in to do the training. I dont know if the date has been set yet that is what I was trying to find out.
I am trying to get my calendar set for the summer.

Re: NY State Pagan Assembly

The best I could do would be to post to the steering commitee passing on your concern.

If you post to the discusion list that would be more effecient. They would get the request for more information, and the answer would go to the people who need it.


Wow! And it's only 9:30!

Sorry about missing your message this weekend. We were very busy!
That's cool. I figured you two have mothers too.