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January 2019



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Productive Day

I had a 8:30am appointment with Julie at the gym to "refresh" me on the workout she had made for me. She was late because some of her family had been affected by the flooding in Newfield. I heard on the radio that the fire department was ferrying people from their homes to a shelter. That storm yesterday dropped a lot of water very fast. Anyway, I was able to remember most of what she had told the first time and kept myself busy until she showed and helped me with the parts I couldn't figure out. I like Julie. She is sweet.

When I got home the Blue Jays and Crows were out. I threw out some peanuts and got 3 jays and 2 crows to come down. That is best response I have gotten yet! I may make friends with some crows yet.

I also bought some pea gravel to fill in the puddle in front of the stairs. A huge bag of pea gravel only costs $3.50. But 2 bags was not enough to fill in the puddle. I might need 4 more bags to keep my feet dry.

I met some more of my new downstairs neighbors, Tucker and Kate. They seem nice. Tucker asked if their TV was bothering me. It isn't. I think the insulation between apartments is pretty good. I warned them about the hall though. Anything said in the hall can be heard in the living-rooms of all four apartments and anything said in the living-rooms can be heard in the hall. But it isn't as if people hang out in the hall a lot. Except for me. I tend to sit on the stairs to catch my breath when I'm coming and going.

I didn't mention the cigarette smoke problem. My smoke detector used to go off when I left my windows open. I'm pretty sure it is because someone below me was smoking outside, or blowing their smoke out a window on that side. I used to be able to smell perfume from other floors as well. I'm just lucky I'm not allergic.


Blue Jay and the Crows sounds like a band name.

So you have new neighbors directly downstairs? The family that lived there forever has left?

Yeah. Apparently all the kids moved out and the dad died so the widow moved out too. Lucente has been refurbishing that apartment for a couple of months and they got new tenants as soon as it was finished.

I thought I was going to lose Brenden across the hall downstairs but he found a couple of guys to take the other rooms and they should be here for at least another year.