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March 2018



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The Boy Is Here

Wednesday I left Ithaca at around noon and drove to Binghamton to pick up The Boy. We got back by 2:30 and went directly to Wegmans to buy food. I told The Boy that I had a 4pm appointment and while we were checking out he pointed out that it was 3:50pm. So we rushed over to my therapist's office. I left The Boy in the car (he is 15 and can be left in a car alone) with the keys. When I returned an hour later the car would not start and I had to call B for a jump. That was exciting. I'm so glad B is my friend.

The Boy and I had hamburgers for dinner and started watching "Inception". But we were only halfway through by midnight so we went to sleep. In the morning I made bacon and eggs. My eggs were more of a spinach scramble. I'm trying to get more vegetables in my diet. We finished watching "Inception". It was an excellent movie, fully deserving of all the praise it received. A good idea and well executed. For lunch we are having sandwiches. I bought bread and salami for The Boy.

After Lunch we went to the gym and signed The Boy up for the month. His mother, Song, came through with the cash for his membership. We also looked into getting an appointment with a trainer and signing him up for a swimming class. I have sent some email and we are working on it. We spent and hour in the pool. Then had my homemade chicken Teriyaki for dinner.

Today we had lunch with B and Jenn at Old Mexico, wich has just opened in the old Manos building. It was good Mexican food. We haven't had a real Mexican restaurant since Garcia's closed. After lunch we dropped off recycling and went to the gym again. The Boy has gotten me to go back in the lap pool and I walked 24 laps.

But I'm beginning to feel the strain of doing so much every day. After swimming we came home and I took a nap. Then we had pizza for dinner. I convinced The Boy to put meat on his. He chose ham and pineapple. Then we watched "Big Hero 6" which was also an excellent movie. Very Japanese. Especially for an American production.

After I post this I need to get some more sleep. I really feel as if I have been running without a break for the past three days. It feels like longer. I need to keep reminding myself that The Boy will be here for the whole month. This is a marathon not a sprint. I need to slow down and pace myself.