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March 2018



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me in team

New York City! and Lord NightFall!

So, I decided to take The Boy to New York City. He has never been there and it is close enough to drive.

Many people asked me where in the city I was going to take him and what exactly I was going to show him. I told them I was probably going to point out the window at Manhattan and say "See? There is The City." Which turned out to be the truth. We also saw the Statue of Liberty (it's a great big statue out in the harbor). The new World Trade Center is nice. I recommend seeing it at night, it sparkles at night.

For my own sanity we drove down to Barb's house in the Catskills on Monday. Stopping in Vestal to pick up The Cuteness. Barb had requested I bring The Cuteness because she and Little Bear are good friends. Unfortunately Little Bear decided to start Tuesday morning by pouring gallons of water on the dinning room floor. So he spent most of the morning mopping up the mess he had made.

Nightfall was working until 2:45 pm on Tuesday so we aimed to leave Barb's by 11 am and get to Brooklyn College by 2:45. Unfortunately I had not prepared for tolls, or really thought about the route. Our friends Heather and Eric came to my rescue with phone directions and on-call duty for the drive down, and I stopped at an ATM for cash for the tolls. We had one $1.75 toll, one $1.25, and one $8.00. The Boy did yeoman's duty as my navigator, keeping me supplied with seltzer and money for the tolls. People kept asking me if I had an EZ-Pass. The tolls are lower if you do. But I go to the city less than once a year, so an EZ-Pass doesn't make much sense for me.

As it was we got to Brooklyn College at 3:15 and picked up NightFall then drove to Astoria Park. His students had planned a surprise for him. We told him we were having a picnic but they were really giving him his 3rd Degree ritual. He was totally surprised. A couple of his students have moved to Texas so they wrote letters testifying to the work he had done and how he had helped them. One of his students read the letters, and all of them spoke about how he had touched their lives. It was very moving. Lord NightFall was in tears. 3rd Degree is about service and it was so wonderful to hear how much he has done for others.

After the Ritual we posed for pictures then I drove Lord NightFall home. The sun was setting as we left and the city lights were just coming on. We only got lost a little bit on the trip back, so we got to Barb's around midnight. The Boy and I were both exhausted. I'm so glad I didn't plan to drive all the way back to Binghamton that night.

Wednesday we came back to Ithaca and I've been sleeping ever since. My legs and arms hurt even though I was just driving most of the time. Or perhaps because I was driving most of the time. I took a valium on Tuesday morning and that probably helped me keep calm for the city driving. It was a really nice trip but I'm glad to be home. The Boy needs to really see The City some time. Maybe go down on a bus and stay with someone so he has time to visit a museum and see the Statue of Liberty up close.
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Kudos for going on an adventure! I am so glad you were there for Lord Nightfall's 3rd. He is a beautiful man and I am so proud of him!

Rest well, Bright Lady! I look forward to seeing you soon!
I'm always glad to see you. And I look forward to watching you get the 3rd degree some day.
Sounds like you had a great time! Congratulations to NightFall! Always one of my favovrite short stories!
It is a cool story. I should recommend the novel for the Sci-Fi Book Group

I didn't really care for the novel. It was over-long for the idea. I rarely like it when short stories are expanded. That being said, when they are modified to fit into a novel, that can work.
The wikipedia page says that the idea for the short story was that people who had never seen the stars would be driven mad by the realization of how big the universe really is. I must have missed that, or dismissed it when I read it, because I don't think they would. I was perfectly OK with the idea of people going crazy in the dark and setting everything on fire for the light. But humans have looked at the stars for thousands of years without having any idea of how far away they are. Most people looking up at the night sky think "Oh what a pretty bowl of sparkly lights" not "Oh wow, those little lights are suns and whole galaxies that are very far away". The idea that stars are actually suns is not intuitive.

Also, I didn't realize that the darkness was caused by an eclipse. I was OK with the orbit of the planet taking out where there were no suns on one side of it. But if another planet came between it and the one sun in the sky, then the other five suns would be illuminating the side of that planet that faced the dark side of planet they were on and they would have a full moon. Which would give them a lot of light, not as much as they were used to but still not true darkness. Which just leaves them being driven mad by the sight of a bunch of little lights in the sky, which I'm not buying.
How very nice of you to do!

Aw, Lord NIghtfall has really great students. (sniff)
He really does.
I was delighted to meet my spiritual grandchildren.
Will we ever see you out here in New York?
Not any time too soon--if I have the money I don't have the vacation time and vice versa. :/
Well hopefully you will get here someday!

Sounds like much fun. Eek about the water. I've had those days!

Yeah, the only mitigating factor was that they parquet floor was already damaged from a previous water leak. But now it is even more damaged. Little Bear is 7 years old, I think. The Cuteness is 8.
You are correct, Dahling. Cuteness is one year ahead in age and about the same in development. Gods help RBD and I both.