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March 2018



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Cat sharing and Filthy Lies

Apparently it is time to share pictures of cats.
My cats have their own section on my web site
The Temple of my Familiar

And then there is Filthy Lies a Web comic I am reading I particularly like this strip


I want to flip Kip onto his back and do some serious tummy rubbing. MY cats don't like tummy rubs, unfortunately. Kip looks like he has lovely soft fur, just right for burying my fingers in. Thanks for sharing!


He is wonderfully soft and fluffy. He doesn't seem to have the shiny guard hairs most cats have, he is woolly. Ember is mostly shiny silky guard hair and very little downy undercoat. Kip seems to be mostly down fluff. Ember has both but her down is so full she is a puff ball.

This morning Kip was in my bed wanting his tummy rubbed. He was lovely soft and warm.
Give Kip an extra tummy rub for me, OK? He looks to be really sweet-natured. I had a kitty with the softest tummy fur...I used to tell her to "make a plopcat" and she'd roll over for a tummy rub. She's been gone for six years now, and I still miss her. I love our current cats, but of course each cat is different. Sapphire loves attention, but gets too worked up by tummy rubs. Achilles would prefer that we just leave his tummy ALONE. He would also prefer that his little pink nose remain unbeeped, but I just can't help myself sometimes. His nose is SO adorable, it's a very pale pink, and I just HAVE to beep it every now and then. Achilles also does not like having ribbons or scarves adorning him. Not even if they're blue, because he's a boy. Sapphire, on the other hand, loves being decorated, as it draws more attention to her. And she is perfectly fine with any color ribbon, but blue brings out her eyes (she's a sealpoint Siamese, Achilles is a grey-tabby-and-white).