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October 2018



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Swimming and Writing

Tuesday was my monthly visit to the diet doctor in Sayre. I have lost some muscle but gained some fat. So she wants me to up my protein intake.

I skipped exercise Tuesday because I was tired. But it has been so hot and muggy that I went swimming today after therapy. Now my right hip joint hurts every time I move my leg. Literally screaming pain. I'm not sure what that is about, it's new.

The Island Health and Fitness pool is going to be closed from Aug 10 til Sept 10. I told the diet doctor I would do the dry workout Julie set me up with. But I also want to get B and Jenn to go to Myers Point with me so I can walk in the lake. I think the pool work outs have gotten mobile enough to get into and out of the lake. I do love being in the water.

I have been working on one of my books "The Braided Wheel Primary Grammar". I am up to 66 pages. I doubt that it will be popular book I'm not that kind of writer. But I hope I fill a niche that isn't being filled. I have a unique perspective and some people appreciate it. Just not many people.

I need to do some laundry, and make some shirts.


Water is your very best friend! Except when it's not!
I hope I'll get to wade with you! Possibly next weekend. This weekend we are finishing up the move, ferrying children, have a party to go to, etc etc etc. sleep.
Cool. The Gym pool doesn't close until the 10th anyway.

I went swimming again today. Although I was too late to walk with B.
I'm going to try to swim every day until the pool closes.
Yes, I am a dork. Buddha pointed out to me that I hadn't paid attention to dates! I think he's going sometime today.
I appreciate your perspective. I think you know so many things, and I respect and value that very much.

In fact, I just posted something I was going to ask you to look at. When I tried to figure out who I wanted to talk to about it, you were the first, and really ONLY, person that came to mind. (I don't mind other perspectives...but I really want yours, if that's okay.) It's the most recent LJ entry, behind the cut link.