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January 2019



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Productive Day

Oy! I haven't posted in a week!

The end of the month is always difficult for me. But usually the beginning of the month is much better. On the 1st I get my EBT and can buy food again, and then on the 3rd I get my disability payment and pay my rent. But I was just having trouble pulling myself together this week.

I rescued a couple of chairs, a table and two bookshelves from the dumpster, when some people moved out of the apartment building next door. The table and chairs are nice. One of the book shelves needs work.

But I finally got my rent paid and did my laundry. Now that I have clean clothes I feel like a human being again, and can go outside with out feeling like street person.

I stopped by Loews and bought some square dowels. They are for cooking. When you roll out dough they always tell you to roll it to a certain thickness. If you have two square dowels of the correct thickness I picked up 3, 36", square poplar dowels for about $3 and they cut them in two for me. I chose 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4". When I went to look at the commercial guides they were 1/16" (2 mm), 1/8" (4 mm), and 1/4" (6 mm). the smallest square dowel is 3/8". 1/16" and 1/8" are paper thicknesses, not wood. Ah, well I don't remember ever cooking anything that thin. My pie crusts, cookies, and biscuits will be fine.

I also picked up some cheap plastic pots for my plants. Most of them are in makeshift containers right now. They also leak water all over the place when I water them. It finally occurred to me that I could use one of the large aluminum pans I rescued from the reuse bin at Wegmans to keep the water from getting everywhere.

I cut up fabric for three shirts, so now I just have to sew them.

I took out the kitchen garbage. Twice!

I did some water color sheets, for a creative idea I got from bored panda.

I've been reading a lot. I went on a spree of reading about medieval science, and origins of the European university system and university system. It's funny how we keep recapitulating our phylogeny.

I feel that I have been productive today. Tomorrow I have a Dr appointment and Lunch with B. Saturday Joseph is visiting. So Sunday will be a Brunch with J&B (and possibly Jenn if she is free) day.

I need to find someplace to put the new bookshelves.

I have been writing and feel like writing more now.

Things are moving along.