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March 2018



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Everything is going pretty well actually

My insurance doesn't like that I'm taking diazepam (valium), they want me to take lorazepam (ativan) instead. I really don't care as long as it works. So that was what the Dr visit on Friday was about. On Monday I had a bit of a melt down and took one of my new pills and I think it worked just fine.

Sunday was my last day, before the gym closed the pool for a month. I got my mile walk in. And it has been mostly pleasant since then. Today was very muggy though.

I had a good visit with my therapist on Wednesday. And afterward Marilyn and I watched "Fist Full of Dollars"

Today was Lunch with B. And I ran some errands. I feel very productive.

I called Hoveround to see if we can convince my insurance to pay for an electric cart. My doctor and my therapist agree that I need one, and it will improve my quality of life. It's just a matter of jumping through hoops for the insurance. I haven't had much success at getting through hoops lately. I just have to be honest and see what happens.

I have scheduled the face-to-face evaluation that is required. If I pass that, there will be a home inspection to see if the cart will fit in my apartment. There is no guarantee I will pass the face-to-face, or the home inspection. All the paperwork says I have to need it in the home, if my home were bigger I definitely would. My apartment is so small there is almost no time I'm out of reach of something to lean on.

At the very least this will encourage me to clear out space for the home inspection. I don't think they will give me a cart if there isn't room for the cart to move.


Sending good energy to you in hopes you get what you need to improve your quality of life!