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March 2018



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Happy Yule!

Yesterday I made my traditional Yule dinner of baked ham. I also made Sweet and Sour Cabbage to go with it. The cabbage recipe looks better whith red cabbage, but it tasted fine. I also spent most of the day making a layered jello mold. I unmolded it today at work, part of it didn't gell and some of the layers are softer than they should be, but it is still pretty.

J and I exchanged Yule gifts. I got him a Klein Bottle Hat with a Matching Moebius Scarf. He got me Season 1 of SG-1 on DVD. We both did good jobs with presents for each other this year.

The Yule Ritual last night went very well. When the ritual started we were standing in a circle doing a grounding meditiation. I aprove of standing during ritul, it helps the energy flow. But I had the choice of standing and spending the entire ritual thinking of nothing but how much pain I was in or grabing a chair and actually paying attention, so I grabbed a chair. I wouldn't have gone to the ritual at all if I hadn't promised Zoe I would, but I enjoyed myself once I was there. I met some new people and I got to read my Hogfather story to people who hadn't heard it before. There was even one of my old students from Binghamton there. I had not seen Janice in nearly 10 years. But I had been thinking of her just recently.

I din't get around to making cookies over the weekend, maybe tonight. J wants to make his nutmeg cookies. I promised I would make my Dwarf Bread this year since I didn't last year.