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October 2018



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Technical Difficulties

I tried to install Windows 10 on the laptop on Tuesday. Now the laptop doesn't work at all. It claims to have no operating system at all. How it can tell me this without an operating system I don't know.

Since B is my tech support, and he doesn't do windows, he said he could instal Linux for me sometime tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm writing from my old Mac Mini, which is still functioning for now.

If anyone wants to reach me call my phone. I won't be on the computer much until I get the laptop back from B.


I would contact Dell Tech Support and get assistance on getting it running again. They should be able to help get it to Windows 7 again, at least.

I am sorry the Windows 10 update blew up, as I believe I was the one who suggested you go for it.
I don't think you told me to do it, because I didn't ask anyone before I did it it. Although I was influenced by the fact that you did it.

At this point I need to load a new operating system from a disk. I don't have Win10 on a disk. So, I asked B. he doesn't have it but he has Linux. Since I don't care I will take Linux if it will just make the computer work.

If it doesn't, maybe you can bring Win10 down on disk next time you visit me.
Unfortunately, the Win10 that is out there right now requires Win7 to be installed already. There are ways to get a Win7 CD if you don't have one. However, if you don't care then give Linux a whirl. We can always make plans to get you Win7 again.
I saw the computer being worked on tonight, so I hope it will be back with you soon!