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July 2018



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Internet Fast

It's strange not having the laptop. On the one hand I still have the old Mac Mini, and my ASUS Tablet, but I don't use them as much. It's amusing to me that "not having a computer" means I'm down to two working internet devices. Anyway, I'm not on the computer as much now that the laptop is not here. So I've been reading books. (I'm sorry Song but I have to have the laptop to read your book.)

I've read "Feed" by Mira Grant. And I finally started reading "Mistborn" by Brandon Sanderson. I'll post my reviews on Goodreads. And I have been cataloging books! I had fallen a bit behind in the cataloging so it is a good thing I'm catching up.

I've also been cooking. I did some bread experiments yesterday. I made a very interesting flatbread with just four, water, salt, and oil. No leavening. It came out strangely flakey. I don't think I have ever rolled a dough so thin I can almost imagine making fillo or strudel.

I made eggplant parmesan today. I crusted the eggplant with parmesan instead of breadcrumbs and I didn't fry it I just put it in the pan with the cheese and sauce and popped it in the oven. It's hard enough breading all those eggplant slices without having to fry them too.


I read the first two Mistborn books, I liked them.
I'm generally enjoying it. Do you have a copy of the second book I can borrow?
No, I borrowed from the library unfortunately.
The Mac Mini doesn't have a word program? At all? I consider that a failing in any computer.
It does have several word programs. The problem with the Mac Mini is that I can't move it and I can't sit in the chair in that room for very long. When I read I sit on the couch in the living room, where the laptop is.
Ah. Yes, that makes sense. Comfort is critical.