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September 2018



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New Shirt!

My Mom gave me some cloth to make shirts out of. And I finally got around to doing it last night.

My first new shirt is very light and summery, it is also flowery,and roomy. Maybe a bit too roomy. But it is comfortable and it's made from the new pattern I came up with. I like this style. It only took me an hour and half. I was worried that the cuffs and godets would take longer. And I still haven't put on the little phone pockets.

We shall see how the others turn out.

I'm up so early because my neighbor needed my help to break into his apartment. He has two little children,and can't be leaving them alone in the hall. And no-one wants to pay the $40 call out fee to get the landlord to unlock an apartment outside of business hours.

For some reason there was a swarm of bees buzzing around the light in the stairwell. He vacuumed them up. Which I'm not sure was a good idea. But I didn't have a better idea. And the landlord's office doesn't open til 9am


Why too roomy?
I didn't measure the width of the fabric before I started. Usually fabric is 45" wide, This piece seems to be lot wider, probably 60".
Oops! But fixable, right?
I wanted to thank you.

Explaining the problem to you made me realize that I could take 15" of the front and back to get exactly the fit I was expecting. I cut out triangles that were 15" across at the top. Then I flipped them upside down and stitched them back into the same spot, so I took 15" off the top and added it to the bottom. I'm now much happier with the fit and flare of the shirt. I even put in the chest pockets that I really like.

Now I just need to make a few more.
Glad to be of help!