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July 2018



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Sense8 (Season 1)

So I finally watched Sense8, the Netflix original series. All 12 episodes.

It is good and I recommend it, if you like sci-fi action. There is a lot of blood and graphic sex. But also a lot of character development. I totally got caught up in these people's lives.

Episode 1. The opening credits are especially colorful, as B had mentioned. The Wikipedia page says that all that footage was shot in the countries the series takes place in. Very pretty!

I wish they had gone with foreign languages and subtitles instead of having everyone speak English. They chickened out on that one. I thought "Heroes" proved that Americans will watch a TV show with subtitles. And all through this series I kept wishing they hadn't chickened out. It would have been so much better.

Having the German thief hate his dad was disappointingly predictable at first, but it paid off in the long run.

The black kid the cop saves had never met his dad?! Are you kidding me! This is such lazy writing. But it is a minor point.

I hope they take more risks in the future. Because so far they are playing it safe and predictable.

Episode 2. The scene where the bridegroom and his friends do the Bollywood dance number is so cute. And actually plausible. The internet has shown us that real people actually do things like that.

Episode 6. There is a lot of graphic sex. I'm Ok with the gay stuff and the lesbian stuff and the trans stuff. I just don't really need to watch people humping quite so much. But I have to say that the orgy scene was really hot (around the half hour mark on S1 E6). Also a bit uncomfortable. I don't think they are all Bisexual but it didn't seem to matter. Which is Ok with me, but might weird some people out. I mean The German guy seemed pretty laid back about the whole thing. But I would think the Chicago cop might be wondering why he is suddenly having sex with a couple of men.

In many ways the plot seems to be going very slowly. But this is experimental TV. They knew we would be binge watching it so they don't worry about us forgetting what happened. And there is more exploration of identity issues, than plot. Although these people do have unusually exciting lives. So there are 8 individual plots only two of which don't involve actual crimes, actually the only plot that doesn't involve illegal activity is the Indian wedding, the closeted gay guy is being blackmailed and his female friend is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. So there is lots of excitement that mostly isn't caused by the powers. Although having the Spanish actor unable to deal with the Korean woman's PMS was funny. You guys have no idea what we women go through.

Episode 9 had me in tears.

Great use of music all around. The diegetic covers of popular songs are well done and appropriate. They even do the thing where we think a song is non-diegetic but it turns out a character is listening to it on her headphones. The "theme song" of the series is a very tense orchestral piece that is also used in some of the fight scenes to very good effect.

Ok so the moral (be yourself) is a bit trite. But I'm totally hooked.

Episode 10 during the childbirth scenes I could have lived without seeing the babies actually crowning. There something to be said for "less is more". I really didn't want to see that, Eight Times!!!!!

I mean really, of all the things I wanted to see realistically portrayed on TV childbirth is not one of them.

I hope next season has fewer graphic depictions of babies being born. Although maybe that is a director's commentary on violence. I have not complained about the brutal fight scenes and high body count because those are so common, on TV and in movies. But I'm not used to watching people have sex, or babies coming out of women's bodies. Both of which happen a lot more often in real life and are much better for all involved.

Episode 11. Even if Wolfgang is right and Kala should not marry him because he is too violent, that doesn't mean she has to marry Rajan (even though he is handsome and rich and sensitive and understanding and has a good sense of humor and loves her), she doesn't have to get married right now, maybe she will meet someone else she can fall in love with. Not being able to marry the person you are in love with is no reason to marry the person you aren't in love with.

I like Wolfgang. My dad told me that I would have been named Alexander Wolfgang if I had been a boy.

Anyway. I am looking forward to all five seasons. I hope they are made.