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January 2019



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Zoo (TV Series)

I just watched the first season of "Zoo". Only 13 episodes.

It's got a hokey premise. And characters have a tendency to discuss their deeply troubled pasts with anyone who asks. And they sort of hit you over the head with the moral.

The stated premise, that is repeated in the opening credits, is:
For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But what if all across the globe, the animals decided no more? And so we were hired a team of people from different backgrounds, with different specialties: an expert in animal behavior, a journalist, safari guide, foreign intelligence agent, and a veterinary pathologist. Our task: to find out what is happening with the animals, why it's happening, and how to stop it.

Apparently the book it is based on stuck to mammals seeking revenge. Which explains all the bats. But the TV show also includes some bird attacks.

They state that "animals" are seeking revenge. But ignore the fact that we are animals. They mischaracterize evolution as purpose driven, instead of working randomly. But I feel that they somewhat redeem themselves by making the "mutation" a result of an international corporation using a "mother cell" in all it's animal feed products and insecticides, instead of just "animals seeking revenge". Although there is a basic problem with the premise. I could see "chemicals" or a "mutation" making animals more violent. But no matter how guilty some people feel about how we treat animals and the world in general, no random mutation can make "animals" in general (but not us) decided to kill just us. At one point they even theorise that the animals are using random attacks as a form of deliberate terrorism. Which is just too far fetched for me.

Most of the plot involves international espionage, legal complications, and sudden betrayals, in between graphic animal attacks, and people doing really stupid things.

They do a pretty good job of making domestic cats look scary. But really, cats don't kill us, because we are too big. Domestic dogs on the other hand, kill people all the time. It only takes two dogs to take down an adult human.

In between the really bad science, they occasionally throw out some good science. Like that even when they are hibernating bear's heart rate increases in the presence of intruders.

It's not great writing, but it kept me entertained for a while.

No word on a second season.
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