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July 2018



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Back from my annual spiritual retreat

I had a good time this past weekend. Traveling and having to do a lot of walking takes a lot out of me.

My left leg has been particularly bad lately. I'm not sure what is wrong with my leg. It isn't causing me the screaming pain that sent me to the hospital years ago. It just doesn't seem to want to take my weight. It doesn't scream "Pain! Pain! Pain!". It just says "If you put any more weight in this direction you are going to fall down. Just saying."

I felt pretty good most of the weekend. Well, the first morning I woke up with pain all over my body from packing and unpacking the day before. But once that died down I was mostly OK as long as I was sitting. It was just when I stood up that I was suddenly in a lot of pain.

My problem with the electric cart may solve itself. If my leg doesn't improve I might not be able to get around inside of my apartment without help.

My anxiety was under control this past weekend. I was taking my Ativan (Lorazepam) and I felt pretty calm. I also think I did very well about not overeating this past weekend. I think I avoided self soothing with food because the ativan was keeping me calm.

My two workshops were well received and I feel good about them. I offered "Into to Cartomancy" and "Crucial Conversations". The Crucial Conversations group decided they wanted to read the book and come back next year. So I'm already scheduled for that next year. And I also volunteered to offer a workshop on Ritual Design next year.

This past weekend I also conferred a Second Degree Ordination upon my student Pan Ganesha. I look forward to attending his Third Degree Ordination. The ritual went very well. The eight people who volunteered to read the meditations did a fantastic job. Everyone worked together to produce a harmonious effect. Lord NightFall did an awesome job as my priest adding a lot of little touches to the ritual. He is amazing.


Sorry to hear about your leg and mobility problems, but I'm glad the Ativan seems to be helping. Congrats on the workshops and ordination!
Thank you!
Glad you had fun and that your classes went well. Will you be seeing a doctor about your leg?
Seeing my doctor on Monday.