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January 2019



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Transportation problems. Is Mercury retrograde?

On my way to pick up B for lunch today one of my tires blew out. Luckily I was driving pretty slow in a residential neighborhood so i didn't have an accident.
B changed the tire for me. I'm really grateful to him. If he hadn't been there for me I would have had to call a tow truck and pay them to change it.
I have an appointment at Hunts tomorrow to get my tires checked out.

In other health news. My left leg has been giving me trouble for about two months now. I finally called my doctor and I have an appointment on Monday.

I think I picked up some con crud last weekend. So I have been sleeping a lot and not eating very much. I expect to lose weight this month.

PS: I forgot to mention that Thursday night I spilled a cup of hot tea on my chest. It was only a first degree burn (reddened skin). But it stung and I had to keep a cold pack on it for a couple of hours. By the next day it was mostly gone, just one small spot remains. But it made me think about how our bodies change with age and these sorts of accidents are more dangerous as I get older. I was lucky this time.

And I forgot to mention that B had two cat supervisors while he changed my tire. He lives in a residential neighborhood where people let their cats roam, and two big cat were hanging out around us and seemed to be having a scuffle over territory.

The leaves on the trees were beautiful. But it was windy and they were being blown off the trees as I watched.
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