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October 2018



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this past week

I saw my doctor on Monday about my leg pain. She sent me for a Venous Doppler (an ultrasound exam of the veins located in your arms or legs). And a blood test to see if I have any muscular inflammation. I love the Guthrie clinic because both those labs are in the same small building. I just walked over to different rooms and they saw me right away. The results were negative. No clots! So this new pain is just my old arthritis and she is sending me back to physical therapy.

I've been reading "Station Eleven" for Sci-Fi book group. It's a very slow quiet book, for a post-apocalypse story. Yesterday I was reading it in the Wegmans' parking lot after I fed the ducks. So I was sitting in my car with the windows open listening to ducks quietly quacking to each other as they ate, and reading about people living in a post technological society remembering what it was like to be able to turn on lights, or open a refrigerator, or use a cell phone. And I was thinking how fragile the world we depend on really is.

My dad had prostate surgery on Monday. It wasn't successful so he has to go back next week. So mom has cancelled her trip to Arizona and I won't be staying with dad next week. It makes my life less complicated. But I'm sorry mom won't get a vacation.

We are heading into the fall holiday season. So things are going to get busy. I'm trying to keep track of my goals and make life style changes that improve my health. Right now that seems to involve a lot of chicken curries (with extra veggies and no rice).

But we will see what happens.
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